I started with some oils and acrylics years ago, but finally learned in summer/autumn 2015 some more advanced techniques: mischtechniek in courses of Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts and french realism oil technique in ARA in Edinburgh. Now "practise, practise and practise" :).
Alice 2
oil on canvas, 2018 (unfinished, work in progress)
oil on board, 2017
oil on board, 2015
Bart portrait
oil on panel, 24x30cm, 2018
J. A. D. Ingres (1810) - portrait of Joseph ­Antoine Moltedo (unfinished copy)
oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2015
portrait of Gejza
oil on panel, 30x40cm, 2015
oil on panel, 30x40cm, 2018
Helena (photo and painting)
oil, panel with canvas, A5, 2015
oil on board, 2017 (unfinished)
animal totem (unfinished)
acrylics on canvas, 30x40cm, 2015
Sefirot-tree (unfinished)
oil/cassein on panel, 30x40 cm, 2015
still life (unfinished)
oil, 30x30cm, panel, 2015
Kat (self-portrait)
oil on panel, 30x40cm, 2015
fish (my first oil painting :))
oil on panel, 30x40 cm, 2003