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SCHOOLISM - online courses by Bobby Chiu and friends - digital art and more....


STUDIO ESCALIER is a private studio art school and international arts colony in France, founded in 2001. Designed and directed by artists for artists, it is dedicated to the contemporary classical study of drawing and painting from life. Now offering courses in English in the heart of Paris as well as in Argenton-Chateau (Poitou-Charentes), we are an international point of contact for professionals, emerging artists and beginning art students alike, attracting artists from more than 45 countries and 40 different US states. Anyone may apply, there are no academic or artistic pre-requisites to apply as a student. It is an open admissions process, based mainly on portfolio submission – a review of artwork drawn or painted from life.

 photo.jpg Photographing your paitnings
OK, I am still doing this myself totally wrong, because I usually get to do it in the evening, without white lights and without a good camera (that is why all the paintings on my web site look so blured), but there are simple ways to improve! So in this video I an artist shows how to take pro-photos of your paitnings and in the video II she shows how to properly edit them. Good luck!
googleimages.jpg Google images
Amazing tool that allows you to drag a picture from your file of unknown origin to trace its origin on web. It also finds "visually similar" images. Awesome way to track down your copycats or admirers or to just see where that awesome art came from. 

Poses for artists

The Pose Tool is a free, easy to use, interactive search tool that helps you find just the right pose. Without buying anything, you can use it for pose ideas, instructing models, planning compositions, practice, and inspiration. When you are ready to create finished works of art (our ultimate goal for this website), you can download the complete 24 views at full resolution starting at just $4.00 (17¢ per photo).


The Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts

Located in the heart of Vienna, across from the Hofburg Palace, The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art revives classical techniques of painting while pursuing art as the expression of beauty, spirit and vision. To transmit an in-depth practice of painterly technique, our school follows the established model of the Academy system, while also promoting individual creativity through the pursuit of Visionary Art.


Mandelbulb 3D

Awesome fractal rendering software that is for free and allows customized coloring, shadowing, transparency and making videos - all using your normal laptop! Online can be found also ample amount of tutorials.


Realist Fine Art Schools

Traditional art techniques in drawing classes and painting classes with the highest levels of draftsmanship and painting skills. These schools offer also instruction DVD and online courses!

The Academy of Realist Arts (ARA) in Boston, USA and in UK (Edinburgh);  Los Angeles Academy of figurative Art (LAAfA) in USA. The UK ARA in Edinburgh offers really great short intensive courses (I myself tried the french realism copy course), which are extremely helpful! The teachers are great (Ewan, Elle and Nick) and they manage to get miracles done in a short time. I seriously recommend them to everybody who yearns for good quality skills!!!!



Great tutorial on how to draw (measure) accurately...


Online magazine for digital artists

Online resources for digital artist - inspiration, events, tutorials ...