Hi, I am Nanokatka, scientist and artist. I work full-time as researcher and lecturer in ther field of nanotechnologies at Amsterdam University and in my spare time I do digital and fine art, which is for me more than just a hobby.

I studied at specialized art high school with further classical techniques training at short courses at  Academy of Realist Arts in EdinburghAcademy of Visionary Arts in Vienna. I like to work with the classical fine art techniques (graphite, acrylics, oil), but increasingly more with the digital art techniques and (fractal) 3D object design.

My ultimate goal
 is to create elaborate animated immersive 3D scenes and designs. Visual artist sees the world around in a different way than others - one needs to understand the outer and inner structure, movement and function of things to recreate them, and through this undrestanding go beyond the mere reality and create a new vision, new function, new world. 

Everything you can imagine is real. Pablo Picasso